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«Hunting down tire remains»

A recent study conducted by the Department of Engineering of Polymers of the University of Minho and of the National Association of Manufacturers of Tire Retreading (ANIRP) states that almost half of the tire remains on Portuguese motorways comes from new tires.
The project “Hunting down Tire Remains” aimed to identify, over the course of a semester, the causes of tire failure and to contribute to improved road safety. All remains found in motorways were collected and thoroughly analysed by motorway companies that joined the project, in a total of more than one thousand samples destroyed.
It was found that 55% were from retreaded tires and 45% from new tires. It was also found that in 8% of situations, there was excessive tire wear, and in 98% of cases, burst tires were not caused by the retreading process.

Retreaded tires are 30% cheaper
“We have to demystify the idea that burst tires come from retreaded tires. Retreading is economically and environmentally sound; just consider that all airplanes use these types of tires”, says the leader of ANIRP. José Gomes agrees that this is a good alternative to importing used tires.
ANIRP also concluded that retreaded tires cost, on average, 30% less than traditional tires, and in some cases this difference can reach 57%.