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Quality Policy

EMPOBOR / BORVUL is aware of its mission in the society in which it operates and is, therefore, totally committed to satisfying its customers and partners, to the development of its human resources and to respecting the community in which it does business.

Attentive to the future and the pursuit of its policy on continuous improvement, EMPOBOR / BORVUL has made an effort to strike a sound relationship with clients and suppliers, improving the effectiveness and efficiency within the organisation.

EMPOBOR / BORVUL has decided to address the issue of quality from a business management point of view and acknowledged its importance in the performance of products and internal operations of the company, seeking the continuous improvement of competitiveness and innovation, in order to ensure the trust and loyalty of its clients.

EMPOBOR / BORVUL has in place a Quality Management System across all its processes, encouraging technological innovation in order to ensure that it is always suited to changing markets and increasing reliability and dependability in the use of its products.

EMPOBOR / BORVUL boosts the motivation and participation of all its collaborators, by committing them and making them accountable in the Quality Management System, and stimulates initiative, team working, professional training and high technical expertise.

EMPOBOR / BORVUL is committed to implementing the necessary legal and regulatory requirements to its products, processes and activities.